piano keys
Jim behind a microphone

Jim's Biography

At a very young age, Jim was formulating his vast musical repertoire. Growing up in an Italian-American household Jim was influenced by the music of Louis Prima, Frank Sinatra, big bands and the 60’s music of his older sisters: The Beatles, James Taylor, The Who, Motown, etc. Jim fronted many rock bands throughout high school and college (Berkley, Dean Jr., U Mass Amherst) where he developed his solo repertoire at various coffeehouses that led to his performing at piano bars on Cape Cod during the summer tourist season.

Performing at La Serenissima
Jim Performing at the La Serenissima Winery

Fast-forward 30 years to San Diego where Jim refined his talent by performing at Nordstrom, Spiritual Centers, major hotels, restaurants and piano bars. A versatile accompanist and singer, Jim has performed with many local singers and musicians.

For the past fifteen years Jim has been leading various performing groups: a Swinging Trio, Pop Band and Italian Vocal Ensemble. Playing music for Special Events, Weddings, Private Parties and Italian Festas. Jim showcases his versatility with a mix of pop favorites, Sinatra, jazz standards and contemporary Italian songs.

Upcoming Events

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